Antonio Felix Da Costa put the last lap into winning the Monaco E-Prix after a blissfully committed lunge on Mitch Evans at the Nouvelle Chicane!

It was supremacy from Da Costa, Evans and Robin Frijns who took Evans on the line for second.

Da Costa led away from the start with Frijns behind and Evans in third. Frijns wasn’t letting him go though and a few laps later he took the lead.

It became an excellent nip and tuck battle between the two with the lead changing hands throughout Attack Mode activation and Da Costa was able to get back into the lead and Frijns was able to take him back again.

The two of them had pulled away with Evans, Vergne and Günther tripping over each other behind. Frijns was in the lead with two seconds back to Da Costa but a slow lap allowed the much faster Da Costa to catch up and Da Costa used fanboost through the tunnel to sweep in front of Frijns.

This had allowed Evans to catch up with a later Attack Mode and he blasted past Frijns and caught up with Da Costa before taking a fantastic move at the top of the hill to go through a gap that didn’t exist and take the lead before the Safety Car came out and we had to figure out how the hell that had happened.

René Rast’s car, which had a broken rear suspension after he understeered wide whilst racing Nick Cassidy at Ste Devote.

With the energy reduction after the Safety Car, there was an incredibly difficult sprint to the flag. Da Costa was all over the back of Evans, at every corner he was trying a move. You can race at Monaco

“You all know what race I’m thinking back to right now” was the cry from Jack Nicholls and the Senna vs Mansell 1992 comparison was well deserved.

On the final lap of the race Da Costa lunged it into the chicane. He was way back, he was locked up, he wasn’t going to make it…surely

And he made it, he stopped the car, he even made the apex. Unreal. Absolutely beautiful.

Getting to the end was just a formality then with the struggling Evans and at the line Frijns was able to get a blast through and he took Evans on the line.

  1. Antonio Felix Da Costa – DS Techeetah
  2. Robin Frijns – Envision Virgin
  3. Mitch Evans – Jaguar


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