Ocean X Prix: RXR wins as X44 and JBXE crash out

Rosberg X Racing wins the Ocean X Prix in Senegal after X44 and JBXE crash out of the final, with Veloce Racing securing second place.

In the shoot out, Hansen had a good start off the line but was soon caught by Sainz and overtaken using the power boost. Sainz then extended his lead whilst Price of Segi Chip Ganassi and Hansen of Andretti United battled it out for second place.

Price made a good attempt to pass Hansen just before the Switch but ultimately couldn’t manage it before the cars came into the Switch zone.

The Switch for Sanz was tricky as her comms cable did not get connected so she went into her lap with no contact with her team. Munnings managed to get out of the Switch with a bigger lead over the Segi Chip Ganassi car than when it went in, however, Leduc was able to catch up and the battle resumed.

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Credit: Extreme E Media Centre

Leduc passed Munnings through the woods and then sent his Odyssey 21 straight after Sanz who  had dropped much of the lead Sainz had built up.

Leduc was rapid around the track though and there was no stopping him when he caught up with Sanz. She managed to just about hold off Andretti United’s Munnings who caught up to her too whilst Segi Chip Ganassi’s Leduc won with seconds to spare.

The final featured teams Rosberg X Racing, X44, JBXE and Veloce Racing, with the four cars kicking up sand into the air as they launched off the start line. It was a squeeze on the starting straight as the four cars came together with Rosberg Racing heading into Turn one first.

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Credit: Extreme E Media Centre

Gutiérrez in the X44 was forced off-line and had to go very wide before coming to a stop which she could not get the Odyssey 21 started from with suspected steering problems.

Åhlin-Kottulinsky’s race was over soon after as the right rear wheel broke and sent the car sweeping in different directions with the driver fighting with the steering.

The Rosberg Racing and Veloce cars continued in the race but as they approached the Switch zone a red flag was called due to the stricken Odyssey 21s of X44 and JBXE being stuck on-track.

Whilst the blockages were cleared the drivers of the two remaining cars in the race switched and the race director called for a standing start for the final lap.

Kristoffersson got off better on the restart with Chadwick falling behind and from then on, there was no doubt that Rosberg Racing would take the win. As the JBXE car retired slightly ahead of the X44 on the track, third place was secured for them.