Peugeot officially reveals 9X8 Le Mans Hypercar to debut in 2022

Peugeot Sport has officially revealed their 2022 Le Mans Hypercar which will debut into the 2022 FIA World Endurance Championship season.

The French marque is en route to return to sportscar racing for the first time since 2011, with an upcoming debut into the FIA World Endurance Championship and the Hypercar category.

Peugeot’s now-named 9X8 will also be the third-known Le Mans Hypercar (not to be confused with specification-based LMDh) after the outgoing Toyota GR010 Hybrid and the Glickenhaus 007 LMH.

ByKolles are also expecting to pursue a 2022 WEC campaign in a LMH.

The technical details on the V6 petrol/electric hybrid powertrain were already released earlier in the year, as the same for their driver line-ups.

Peugeot Sport’s signature green and grey colours of their LMH embraces the Hypercar prototype appearance with a radical design language.

Matthias Hossann, Peugeot Sport’s Design Director who is behind the 9X8, said:

“We wanted to take a special approach to the cockpit which, until now, has tended to be a purely functional and indistinctive aspect of racing cars, with no brand identity whatsoever.

“The combination of our colour scheme and Peugeot’s i-Cockpit interior styling signature have provided the 9X8’s cockpit with a distinctive feel and make it immediately identifiable as a Peugeot in on-board camera shots.”

The notable absence of a rear wing adds to the stance of the Hypercar whilst highlighting the modern technical and aerodynamic approaches possible.

Olivier Jansonnie, Peugeot Sport’s WEC Programme Technical Director, reveled at how the regulations mandate one adjustable form of downforce without specifying for it to be the rear wing.

The media video features past, iconic Peugeot race machines including their famed rally and endurance racing endeavours, but prospects a Hypercar future with the brand’s return to the sportscar discipline.

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Stay tuned onto Last Lap as we look to write a technical profile based on all the outgoing details thus far on the 9X8!