Butcher ‘disappointed’ from Race 3 DNF after Boardley’s brake failure

Rory Butcher was disappointed when he was knocked out of Race 3 after Carl Boardley succumbed to a brake failure into Druids.

The 34-year-old Scotsman found it difficult when he was just within the points threshold during the final race until he was collected by Carl Boardley.

He dominated Race 2 after claiming the lead on the first lap after starting fourth on the grid.

This victory entitled him to the maximum 75 kg ballast into the final race which saw him struggle during the latter stages.

Butcher spoke after Race 3: “It’s hugely disappointing and we were in a good point-scoring position (P12) and unfortunately for Carl, his brakes failed on the way into Druids and he had no control over his car.

“He took to the grass and he hit me in the rear and spun me into the wall, so then obviously [I] didn’t have any clue what had happened [and I] just felt the impact and then went towards the wall.”

Butcher extended his disappointment for the team who will look to repair his heavily damaged Toyota Corolla GR Sport after the contact ‘caught him off guard’.

Boardley apologised to Butcher as the Scotsman refuses to part blame on the Laser Tools Racing driver for his brake failure.

He looked on the upside, however, with his home circuit in two weeks time where he will build on his P8 in the drivers’ standings.