Le Mans 24H: More incidents, more drama and Toyota still lead at eight-hour point

As darkness blankets the Circuit de la Sarthe, more drama and incidents littered the 89th 24 Hours of Le Mans heading into the eighth hour.

Nightfall often reveals the cruelty of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This year’s race is no different; in wet/dry conditions, the fabled circuit is challenging and testing all the drivers and teams.

The headline on this 11 pm update is that the two Toyota cars are first and second. The #8 car piloted by Jose Maria Lopez holds a healthy lead over the sister #7 car driven by Kaz Nakajima.

After an eventful first day, the Glickenhaus Hypercar is in third place. Pipo Derani is only 23 seconds behind the second Toyota; his pace is solid despite all the dramas.

The other Glickenhaus car is toiling in 11th overall as Richard Westbrook is strapped in right now.

In the last hour, drama hit the Alpine car as Matthieu Vaxiviere braked on a damp patch while he passed backmarkers on the Mulsanne Straight.

Vaxiviere went skittling into the gravel trap, and it took the Alpine car out of immediate contention. Lapierre is now recovering in fifth overall.

In LMP2, Team WRT is enjoying a fairytale maiden tilt at the famous race. Ferdinand Habsburg and Robert Kubica are currently fourth and sixth overall.

The LMP2 class this evening has been crammed with action and chaos; the bottom line is that Alex Brundle, Sean Gelael, Paul DiResta, and Will Stevens are all lapping quickly. The order could well change between now and over the night.

AF Corse is waging an attritional battle with the returning Corvette racing in the GTE Pro class. James Calado currently holds the advantage over Antonio Garcia.

These two cars have raced each other all day long; the night promises more of the same. To underline Jota’s struggles, Antonio Felix Da Costa in the LMP2 car is trailing these two.

AF Corse is also leading the GTE AM class as Alessio Rovera is rapidly racing just nine laps into his stint. Elsewhere, there was a nasty accident for Richard Mille Racing’s Sophia Floersch.

It was a huge shame to see the all-female crew retire from the race; luckily, Floersch is ok.

Overall Position Category Team
1 (115 Laps) Hypercar
#7 Toyota GAZOO Racing
2 Hypercar
#8 Toyota GAZOO Racing
3 Hypercar
#708 Glickenhaus Racing
4 LMP2 #31 Team WRT
5 Hypercar
#36 Alpine Elf Matmut
6 LMP2 #41 Team WRT
7 LMP2
#22 United Autosports
8 LMP2
#65 Panis Racing
9 LMP2 #28 JOTA
10 LMP2
#34 Inter Europol Competition (Pro/Am)
11 Hypercar
#709 Glickenhaus Racing
12 LMP2
#70 Realteam Racing (Pro/Am)
13 LMP2 #48 IDEC Sport
14 LMP2
#23 United Autosports
15 LMP2
#21 DragonSpeed USA (Pro/Am)
16 LMP2
#29 Racing Team Nederland (Pro/Am)
17 LMP2
#20 High Class Racing (Pro/Am)
18 LMP2
#82 Risi Competizione
19 LMP2
#30 Duqueine Team
20 LMP2
#39 SO24-DIROB by Graff (Pro/Am)
21 LMP2
#26 G-Drive Racing
22 LMP2
#25 G-Drive Racing (Pro/Am)
23 GTE-Pro #51 AF Corse
24 GTE-Pro
#63 Corvette Racing
25 LMP2 #38 JOTA
26 GTE-Pro #52 AF Corse
27 GTE-Pro
#91 Porsche GT Team
28 LMP2
#49 High Class Racing
29 GTE-Pro
#92 Porsche GT Team
30 GTE-Pro
#79 WeatherTech Racing
31 LMP2
#24 PR1 Motorsports Mathiasen (Pro/Am)
32 GTE-Am #83 AF Corse
33 GTE-Am #80 Iron Lynx
34 GTE-Am #33 TF Sport
35 LMP2
#74 Racing Team India Eurasia (Pro/Am)
36 GTE-Am
#57 Kessel Racing
37 GTE-Am #54 AF Corse
38 GTE-Pro
#64 Corvette Racing
39 GTE-Pro
#72 Hub Auto Racing
40 GTE-Am
#777 D’station Racing
41 GTE-Am
#66 JMW Motorsport
42 GTE-Am
#77 Dempsey-Proton Racing
43 GTE-Am
#71 Inception Racing
44 GTE-Am #60 Iron Lynx
45 Innovative Car
#84 Association SRT41
46 GTE-Am #95 TF Sport
47 GTE-Am
#388 Rinaldi Racing
48 GTE-Am #85 Iron Lynx
49 GTE-Am
#88 Dempsey-Proton Racing
50 LMP2
#44 ARC Bratislava (Pro/Am)
51 GTE-Am
#69 Herberth Motorsport
52 GTE-Am
#55 Spirit of Race
53 GTE-Am
#46 Team Project 1
54 GTE-Am
#18 Absolute Racing
55 GTE-Am #86 GR Racing
56 (DNF) GTE-Am
#47 Cetilar Racing
57 (DNF) GTE-Am
#56 Team Project 1
58 (DNF) LMP2
#32 United Autosports
59 GTE-Am
#99 Proton Competition
60 (DNF) GTE-Am
#98 Aston Martin Racing
61 (DNF) LMP2
#1 Richard Mille Racing