Russian GP: Heavy rain forces FP3 cancellation

The final practice session of the Russian Grand Prix has been cancelled due to non-stop heavy rainfall over Sochi.

A decision has been made to cancel some of the weekend’s events as rain continues to flood Sochi.

Organisers were left little choice but to postpone Formula 2’s opening sprint race. With the weather forecast supposedly looking up for Sunday, the ideal plan would have been to run the ‘sprint’ at a later time this weekend.

However, with the torrential rain showing no sign of stopping, plans are in place for the postponement of F1’s qualifying session that is set to take place this afternoon.

Formula 1 will take priority over Formula 2’s sprint race so this leaves it unclear as to what the F2 schedule will look like for the remainder of the weekend.

FIA Race Director Michael Masi gave a situation update to F1’s own reporter, Will Buxton.

“We’re seeing from the forecast side is that we will have rain until about 13:30-14:30 local time (11:30-12:30 BST), and then it decreasing in the afternoon.

“The priority from today’s perspective is obviously Formula 1 qualifying this afternoon”, Masi continued.

“The determining factor this afternoon (for qualifying) will be the light.”

Masi went on to explain how if the weather does cause the daylight to diminish faster, the program for the weekend will be re-written to hold qualifying on Sunday morning.

Further updates will be announced soon as the heavy rain continues to shower the Sochi Autodrom.